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A compassionate California counselor

I have been practicing law since 1989. First working in insurance defense, and later in business, real estate, construction, personal injury, divorce, and probate & estate litigation, my early career was litigation based. Later, I worked as corporate counsel, focusing on major issues of contract and business negotiation. In 2001, I returned to private practice and now handle all aspects of Family Law and Divorce actions and have recently added Estate Planning to my practice. With roots in the area, I am here to assist the community with valuable legal solutions.

A common sense approach

My clients appreciate my no-nonsense approach to the law. I assist them in going through some of the most difficult issues they will face. My job is to make the process as painless as possible. I’ll look at any legal situation from every angle, determining not only the best offense but also a perfect counter for any defense. My clients must make tough choices, and it’s up to me to provide counsel so that they can make educated decisions. I do this by patiently walking them through the legal process — providing clear explanations throughout, regarding the proceedings and legal ramifications of any decisions made.

Regain control

One of the most difficult factors to deal with when involved in any legal action is the feeling of a loss of control. Your fate is in someone else’s hands. Whether it be a judge, jury or even your beneficiaries in the case of probate proceedings, it is difficult to let go of control when it affects the things you hold dear in life. As an attorney, I can help you get that feeling of control back. Take charge of your assets by putting together a strong and clear estate plan — don’t let everything that you’ve worked for be decided upon by a third party. Take care of your family by retaining an attorney who will see to it that issues from pre-nuptial agreements to divorce, child custody and visitation agreements, child and spousal support orders, property division, wills, trusts, advanced health care directives and powers of attorney and more.  All are taken care of with sensitivity, compassion and your best interests at heart.

Personal service

With me as your attorney, you can rest assured that I will be personally handling your case. As a sole practitioner I maintain accessibility because it’s vital that an attorney be there to provide answers to your questions as they arise and also to process any new information that may affect your case.

Entering into legal action can prove to be a complex and intimidating possibility that naturally causes a certain amount of trepidation. Allow me to ally your fears by helping you though the process — step by step — helping you choose the right path for your circumstances. I help my clients understand their circumstances, and I advise them on the decisions that they have in front of them, but I never say, “You must do this.” I am here for my clients both as a counselor, educator and conduit to the legal system.

A focus on Family Law

Divorce can be a difficult and emotional process. My mission is to proctor my clients through the legal system as quickly and efficiently as possible so as to preserve sanity and to conserve assets. If this can be accomplished through conciliatory means, such as mediation or negotiation, great. If not, then I will be your advocate in the divorce litigation arena.

There are many aspects to Family Law, but many of my clients are seeking an attorney to help them through a divorce. The proper handling of their issues will depend on the specifics of each case. Every divorce situation has its own unique elements, including but not limited to:

  • Child Custody issues
  • Child Visitation issues
  • Child Support issues
  • Spousal Support issues
  • Paternity Actions
  • Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders
  • Property Division issues
  •     Residences and other Real Estate
  •     Bank, Investment and Stock Accounts
  •     Retirement and Pension Accounts
  •     Vehicles and other things
  •     Debt

Post-judgment modification

Sometimes, after the divorce is done, we need to revisit things and seek modifications of custody, visitation and support. These issues are just as important as the first time through the case, but they must be handled carefully because facts continually change.

Estate Planning

In 2011, I widened the scope of my practice to include Estate Planning because, after other personal experiences with family and friends, I wanted to provide assistance — to those who are dealing with advancing age or declining health — in a dignified manner that preserves their legacy for the next generation while addressing their specific wishes.  Dealing with end-of-life decisions such as wills, trusts and advanced health-care directives is a sensitive area, and I am a tireless and understanding advocate on behalf of my clients.

  • Comprehensive Estate Plans
  •     Wills
  •     Advanced Healthcare Directives
  •     Trusts
  •     Powers of Attorney

Get in touch with a meticulous San Jose lawyer who will fight for you

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